During the summer of 2020, I had an internship at Tencent. Our product was WeCom, the enterprise version of WeChat. Our team catered to internal customers, and our main task was to maintain the testing system. A significant part of my internship involved rewriting the existing test case management system.

In WeCom, much of the testing work still relies on manual testing by contract workers. They have to retrieve the test case and submit the test result in the test case management system. The prior system was poorly designed, and as the data expanded and the test team grew, it couldn’t meet current demands. It became fragmented, prone to crashing when accessed by too many test workers, and took over ten seconds to retrieve a list of test cases. Additionally, the UI was outdated and somewhat cumbersome. My role was to help them redesign the entire test management system.

We held numerous meetings to clarify requirements. We chose Ant Design, a React-based web framework, for our front end, while using Python and Tornado for our backend. I was mainly responsible for designing the front end. It was my first time developing a front end, but thankfully, with the guidance of my mentor Zigang Zhao, I learned quickly and accomplished my objectives.

During my internship, I also took on tasks such as retrieving data from database to create real-time Grafana graphs.