I am a current student at Boston University, pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science degree. I love my major as well as the people there. I have maintained a strong academic record, with a GPA of 3.96/4.0. While I’ve taken a variety of courses, I’ve primarily focused on AI and machine learning. I’ve also audited some courses, such as CS640 Artificial Intelligence and EC525 Optimization for Machine Learning, without registering (because BU charges too much!). I gained the knowledge from these courses without receiving credit.

Currently, I am working on a master’s thesis with Professor Vasiliki Kalavri. My MS thesis will focus on accelerating Graph Neural Network (GNN) inference with programmable SSDs. We’ll be utilizing the Samsung Smart SSD in our research, aiming to sample and generate embeddings within the FPGA on board, avoiding the need to transmit all the redundant data to the host memory. This strategy aims to conserve PCIE bandwidth and enhance efficiency. This project will span two semesters and will conclude with a defense on April, 2024. I’ll be updating my progress on this website.

An unofficial transcript can be found here.