I enrolled at the South China University of Technology in September 2017, formally stepping into the world of computer science.

My GPA at SCUT was 3.46/4.0. It was slightly lower than I’d hoped, largely because I overburdened myself in my second year. I took more than 10 courses each semester, with the majority being core courses in my major. This significantly impacted my GPA, but thankfully, I managed to get through that challenging period.

By the third year, my workload significantly reduced, allowing me to achieve better grades. During this year, I enrolled in several advanced computer science courses such as Artificial Intelligence (94/100), Fundamentals of Image Processing (96/100), Data Mining (93/100), Machine Vision (88/100), and Parallel Programming (97/100). I am proud to say that I achieved a very high academic performance in these subjects.

In my final year, I completed my bachelor’s thesis under the guidance of Professor Qiuxia Wu, focusing on online signature verification based on dynamic and static feature